Quality Senior Care in Westchester County

Just because a person is elderly or frail doesn't mean they have to go to a nursing home or even an assisted care facility. Many people who are in their golden years can stay in their homes and maintain a level of independence with some help. While the ideal situation is for a relative to assist the elderly, that isn't always possible due to work and other responsibilities. Whitehouse Cares Home Care will give you peace of mind about elderly family members who want to remain at home. Our compassionate, skilled, and experienced staff provides quality senior care in Westchester County.

In Good Hands

We know that your primary concern is that the right person is taking care of your beloved senior family member. Our service hires certified nursing assistants and home health aides that have nursing backgrounds. Because of their industry experience, our aides and assistants know how to deliver the ultimate in senior care.

Client-Specific Care

Our staff doesn't follow a prescribed care program for all clients. Rather, we customize care to meet each person's particular needs. From grooming and meal preparation to companionship and shopping, we keep your loved one comfortable in their home. Reach out to us for complete details about our senior care services, including respite care.



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Personal Care

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Respite Care

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