Understanding Homebound Elder Care Services in Westchester County

Elder care services in Westchester County should cover more than an individual’s medical needs. Many senior citizens require assistance when completing activities for daily living. What can a home care agency do to meet the needs of specialized cases? One such solution is making accommodations for homebound patients.

An individual is considered homebound if they have a condition that leaves them unable to leave home, and a “considerable and taxing effort” is required of them to leave the residence. The physician or primary health care provider must certify that the individual is homebound, and that condition must be re-evaluated and noted on a regular basis.

For government assistance programs like Medicare, a person is considered homebound if they require a mobility aid such as a walker or wheelchair, or the doctor believes leaving the house would make their health worse; and leaving the house is stressful for them.

Homebound Status and Senior Citizens

Generally speaking, homebound services and elder care services in Westchester County have significant overlap. The critical distinction is that a doctor must certify that the individual must be homebound. Afterward, a person can hire an agency to provide a variety of home health services. Many of these services are covered under Medicare.

Services from Home Health Aides

Elder care agencies specialize in connecting individuals with home health aides. These are trained agents who can provide assistance in the activities for daily living: bathing, dressing, and toileting, among other things. They are not required to undergo training or licensing for medical services. As such, financial assistance programs might not pay for home health care unless the individual is also receiving skilled medical care at home.

A homebound patient is eligible for government assistance, provided they work closely with their health care provider to secure the necessary documentation. If you are looking after an elderly loved one or an individual who qualifies for a home health benefit, it is recommended to consult with an agency to discover more about elder care services in Westchester County.