Receiving Escorts for Doctor’s Appointments from Our Home Care Agency in Westchester County

One of the functions of your home care agency in Westchester County is to provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments. An escort can be the home health aide assigned to your elderly loved one, or a licensed driver employed by or contracted from the agency. In this article, we will outline some of the critical roles that a medical escort can perform.

The Responsibilities of a Medical Escort

A medical escort is a person who accompanies a patient or senior citizen to a health care provider’s office. They provide transportation and ensure that the patient under their charge arrives safely to the office and back at home. Medical escorts are especially useful if a patient’s loved ones do not have access to transportation, or if their circumstances prevent them from accompanying the patient.

All medical escorts must be licensed drivers. Ideally, they will have a vehicle that can accommodate passengers with special needs. This includes space and equipment to board individuals who require mobility aids safely. A medical escort can also pick up a patient’s prescriptions so that the patient does not need to leave the house.

In addition to being a driver, the medical escort from your home care agency in Westchester County can serve as a patient advocate. At the patient or caregiver’s request, the escort can attend appointments and be an assistant. This will require that the escort have access to the patient’s medical records and history. They can take notes of exchanges between the patient and their doctor. Additionally, they can help the patient communicate with health care professionals by asking questions or giving reminders.

How to Request the Aid of a Medical Escort

Many home care agencies will have aides in their employ with a wealth of qualifications. When discussing the needs of your elderly loved one, you may request to have a medical escort accompany your loved one to appointments. The agency might also refer you to private transportation companies that provide medical escorts.

Depending on your loved one’s situation, he or she may be eligible for services from a home care agency in Westchester County. In these instances, your loved one can receive skilled care directly at home, minimizing the need for travel. Also, consider consulting with a senior care professional or support coordinator to go over your loved one’s options.